I don’t know what kind of a person I am, but I can tell you that I will not fit under a label like ‘Hungry Artist’ or ‘Desperate Mom’, and am not completely identified by my political or religious views either. I talk about the kind of things one talks about while enjoying a cup of chai with a friend, enemy, random stranger or one’s own self. I write these down because I think these conversations are important, and I often forget them.

If you are expecting the tea-party motivated content, there might be some, because one does talk about such stuff over tea, but it would be neither exclusive nor regular.


One thought on “About

  1. Well I guess one does need to have such light conversations or readings now a days when almost everything that you find around yourself is marred with discussions which ultimately take a political and other judgmental turns.
    Good to have smething to read which for a change may talk about life as it should be sometimes understood and felt, contrary to it being seen or explained for the perspective of one thing or the other around Us.

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